02. Rethinking Wine Education

Moving on to the 02 SAY I LOVE WINE New Year’s resolution, we asked Konstantinos Lazarakis MW to share his insights and thoughts on wine education.

02. Rethinking Wine Education
Wine education is commonly viewed as a means of acquiring wine knowledge, enhancing sensory skills, and achieving recognition in the wine industry for those pursuing a career. But how about serving a much more profound purpose by offering new perspectives and opportunities? Enabling individuals to see their experiences and challenges differently and empowering them to pursue their goals and dreams?

The Women’s Scholarship Program, “Now I can do it too” of the WSPC in Athens, Greece, in partnership with the Gérard Basset Foundation, is launching its first year of scholarships to benefit single-parent women seeking professional training and distinction in Catering, Hospitality, and Tourism.
The idea was borne out of a recognition that women of single-parent families face a unique set of obstacles, such as financial stress, limited social support, and harmful stereotypes—under these circumstances, raising children as single parents and pursuing an education is even more difficult.

Offering proper education and career opportunities to these women who face financial difficulties and exclusion means providing access to resources through scholarships while offering mentorship and networking opportunities that empower these women to overcome these challenges and achieve greater financial stability, independence, and success. Offering education also can promote a more inclusive, just, and equitable society by providing individuals from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to reach their full potential.
So next time when you are about to start wine education, consider the profound impact it can have on your life, regardless of your background and the limitations you face. It can genuinely expand your cultural horizons and give you a new meaningful perspective beyond knowledge, skills, and recognition.