12 New Year’s resolutions for Wine enthusiasts

The start of the year is for everyone the time to look ahead with new projects, plans, and activities that add excitement to life beyond the daily grind. From building a much-wanted wine collection to heading on a wine trip, there are many ways for wine enthusiasts to enhance their wine experience and learn to appreciate it in a new way. Here are 12 ideas for each month to get started.

January 2023 / Nikos Panidis

12 New Year’s resolutions for Wine enthusiasts
  1. Start making wine-tasting notes.

    Make notes of the wines you taste, as they will prove helpful and enjoyable when referring to them. Make it physical, into paper. Putting notes online is highly convenient, especially for professional tasters, due to the analytical style of assessing wine. However, notes on paper may have this extra value and personal touch that online notes don’t. Ultimately, you will always have the option to scan and transform your hand notes into digital duplicates with the appropriate app.

  1. Take a wine course

    Maybe it’s time to take your wine knowledge to the next level by enrolling in a wine course. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts and develop skills that will help you gain a deeper appreciation for wine. You will learn about grape varieties, tasting techniques, and pairing principles that will give you joy and pleasure. As for where to study, WSET is one of the best global providers offering flexible education to wine professionals and enthusiasts through a network of over 800 Approved Programm Providers in 70 countries and 15 languages. Practically, a school next door. What can be more compelling than that?

  1. Drink a new style of wine.

    Drinking the same styles of wine can sometimes be a miserable affair. Break out your routine and try something new and exciting by experimenting with nonconventional, unusual traditional styles or lesser-known grape varieties. Consider trying a naturally fermented still wine, pet nat, retsina, or wine aged in amphora. These unique and intriguing options will enrich your wine experience and provide you with the enjoyment and pleasure you seek. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new – you may discover your next favorite wine or grape variety!

  1. Visit a wine fair or wine festival.

    After being postponed or canceled for years, wine events and wine fairs are finally on the calendar. Consider attending a small, local wine fair or festival. The Rawwine fairs in Los Angeles and Copenhagen are great options, or you can search for similar events in your area. This is an excellent opportunity to indulge in your love of wine and try new styles of low-intervention organic, biodynamic, and natural wines while supporting small producers. Take the time to relax, enjoy the experience, and complete your day with visits to wine bars and stylish, trendy restaurants. Take advantage of the chance to appreciate and enjoy what the world of wine offers.

  1. Buy a wine book.

    A good wine book may inspire you for your wine adventure in the new year, help you gain the knowledge you seek on a niche topic, or bring relaxation. With the constantly evolving styles of wine and new perspectives on the subject, it can be overwhelming to choose from numerous titles available. While not all of these books are suitable for beginners, and some may be pricier, the following releases are highly informative and valuable additions to any wine enthusiasts library, whether you are a beginner or seeking more specialized knowledge. Four books that we all loved to read: The Wines of Greece from Classic Wine Library by Konstantinos Lazarakis MW; Natural wine for the people by Alice Feiring; The Noble Rot Book: Wine from Another Galaxy by Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew MW, and Essential Winetasting 2017 edition by Michael Schuster if you find any second hand or Wine Tasting 2021 by Michael Broadbent.

  1. Make a reservation at a restaurant.

    Dining in a great restaurant is a unique experience you should indulge in at least once a year. Think of all the aspects of dining in an elegant atmosphere, carefully crafted dishes, and expertly paired ordinary or not-ordinary wines. Make a reservation in advance and plan to spend a leisurely evening at the restaurant, starting with an aperitif and finishing with a dessert wine. It doesn’t have to be a hype or high-priced establishment, but a place that offers delicious food, a celebrated wine list, and a sense of glamour and sophistication.

  1. Go on a wine adventure (harvest)

    Experiencing the process of wine-making firsthand can be a life-changing experience. Go for a whole month and take the opportunity to work at a harvest immersing yourself in the wine-making process. You will gain a deeper appreciation for the hard work and value that goes into producing this beloved beverage. This opportunity may leave you with a newfound appreciation and a more profound knowledge of wine that will stay with you forever.

  1. Replenish your glassware.

    How often has it happened to invite people over for dinner only to realize that your wine glasses are missing because some have been broken? Ensure that your wineglass set is in order by replacing any missing glasses. You can also expand your glass collection by adding specifically designed glasses that will allow you to fully appreciate the nuances of different grape varietals and enhance your overall wine-tasting/drinking experience.

  1. Try new options in food and wine matching.

    Break away from traditional food and wine pairings and try something unexpected. Embrace curiosity and boldness when it comes to combining flavors. Feel free of the rules – trust your instincts and empirical experiences to guide you in finding new and exciting ways to pair food and wine. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box and discover previously untasted nuances in food and wine matches. The choices you have are countless.

  1. Start your wine collection.

    Don’t hold back your enthusiasm for collecting wines this time. Set a goal/budget and start to collect all these brilliant/rare/sought-after wines you desire. It’s a romantic pursuit, despite the money and time it takes. It is also an enriching activity for those who value wine’s history and potential to elevate any future occasion. It can be overwhelming at the beginning, so seek the guidance of a wine expert to discuss your budget, taste preferences, and motivation for collecting. Consider including wines en primeur (next year’s resolution), as it offers many benefits and can save you much money in the long run.

  1. Buy a fridge for wine.

    Think of your valuable wine collection and what it needs to protect and preserve (resolution 10). Consider investing in a wine fridge. Wine is sensitive to extreme temperatures, light, and vibrations, and proper pro-level storage is crucial to preserve its quality and flavor, particularly for wines with a destiny for aging. A wine fridge can provide the conditions your wine requires to develop and improve over time. While a wine fridge can be more expensive than a traditional refrigerator, it can be a worthwhile investment for your precious wine collection. So, it is essential to consider your budget and storage needs before purchasing.

  1. Invite friends for a wine party.

    Gathering with friends to drink and enjoy wine is arguably one of the most fun and relaxing ways to socialize, but adding a twist with a semi-blind wine tasting can make the experience even more entertaining to challenge your guests’ wine-tasting skills and palates while also providing the opportunity to learn something new about wine. To make the experience even more fun, you can include a trivia game about wine. So, choose the wines, check your glassware (resolution 08), fix a date, and send the invitations.