SAY, I LOVE WINE offers tailored wine program solutions to on-trade establishments that enhance operational efficiency and promote the customer experience.

As a wine consulting company, we provide invaluable expertise and guidance for businesses needing more knowledge and experience. Our mission is to assist these establishments in elevating their customer experience, boosting their revenue, and thriving in a competitive market. At SAY, ILOVE WINE, we believe in the power of customization and personalization, tailoring our expert guidance to meet each client’s unique needs and aspirations, ensuring that our wine consulting solutions align seamlessly with their vision and goals.

Many hospitality businesses miss out on the opportunity to generate profitable wine sales due to various factors.

Inadequate Wine Program Strategy.

The need for wine expertise presents a prevalent challenge within the hospitality industry. Creating a diverse and enticing wine selection that aligns with the business’s requirements and budget saves time and money and enhances customer satisfaction. Companies risk mispricing, making inappropriate wine choices, and failing to showcase unique wines without a well-structured plan. Ultimately, this can adversely affect both profitability and customer contentment.

Untrained or Poorly Trained Staff:

Having untrained or poorly trained staff can negatively impact wine sales and customer experience. Staff should be knowledgeable about the wine list, be able to make recommendations, and provide insights on wine pairings. Staff training is essential for upselling, as it can guide customers towards premium wine selections, significantly boosting profits. Poorly trained staff may also mishandle wine, leading to waste and additional costs.

Ignoring the value of wine sales

Some on-trade businesses might need to pay more attention to the importance of wine in their overall offering. Wine can significantly enhance the dining or hospitality experience, and it’s often a key factor influencing customers when choosing a place to dine or entertain. It’s about improving the overall brand and customer experience. This involves seizing the opportunity to increase revenue by upselling wine and distinguishing their business in a competitive market.

To address these issues and maximize wine sales profitability, on-trade businesses should consider investing in staff training and recognizing the added value of wine to their brand and customer experience. A well-organized wine plan, including a carefully curated wine list and knowledgeable staff, can increase revenue, set the business apart from competitors, and create loyal, satisfied customers.


Services we offer.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge by creating a competitive advantage through strategic planning, including a well-curated wine list, staff training, and improved performance to optimize wine sales, increasing revenue and profitability.
  • Efficient Inventory Management by providing expertise in cost-effective inventory management (Proper inventory control and efficient use of resources can reduce waste, minimize costs, and improve overall operational efficiency).
  • Explore Wine Tourism by tapping into the growing wine tourism market with guided wine tastings.
  • Explore Food and Wine concepts by organizing wine Events that raise awareness and satisfy your customers.