01. Start making wine-tasting notes

Even wine connoisseurs may need help to recall the basic details of wines enjoyed at tastings. Suppose you don’t belong to people born with the unique ability of hyperthymesia or other fierce mnemonic skills. In that case, a wine journal might be a valuable tool to improve vinous memory and help you keep track of the information you need to remember.

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12 New Year’s resolutions for Wine enthusiasts

The start of the year is for everyone the time to look ahead with new projects, plans, and activities that add excitement to life beyond the daily grind. From building a much-wanted wine collection to heading on a wine trip, there are many ways for wine enthusiasts to enhance their wine experience and learn to appreciate it in a new way. Here are 12 ideas for each month to get started.

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Why we love Xinomavro

A few days ago, I was talking to a psychologist who told me:
All those whom we call “difficult,” people hard to communicate with in everyday life with mood swings, are usually borderline personalities close to the limit of mood disorder.

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