The SAY, I LOVE WINE Christmas story


Wines and the Christmas Spirit

5 min read

December 2023 / Nikos Panidis


As Christmas drew near and the city basked in an unusual warmth, Miles was captivated by a daring idea. This year, he resolved to surrender to the long-held desire to unlock the secrets hidden within the vintage wines resting in his cellar, deeming the festive table the perfect canvas for this extraordinary unveiling. How much longer could one postpone such a special moment, he pondered, as the curiosity to witness the evolution of these wines over the years piqued his interest.

Gathering them in the dining room, Miles arranged the bottles side by side—a tapestry of aged and young, expensive, and more affordable, hailing from the vineyards of Greece, France, Italy, Germany, and California. A peculiar mix of emotions danced in the air as the wines were laid out—some onlookers hesitated, while others eagerly welcomed the idea.

Not too long ago, he revisited the movie Sideways after many years since he first watched it. In a particularly striking scene, the protagonist disheartened by the twists in his life, finds himself alone in a fast-food restaurant, sipping a mythical 1961 Cheval Blanc from a plastic cup. This stark contrast and unconventional enjoyment acted as a poignant reminder for Miles that the enchantment of coveted wines extends beyond their grandeur or the desire to taste them. It resides, instead, in their capacity to metamorphose even a challenging moment into happiness, if only fleetingly.

Inspired by this cinematic revelation, Miles seized the opportunity to craft his own narrative. The notion of waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment to uncork these wines suddenly felt limiting. Instead, he envisioned a Christmas table adorned with the presence of these liquid treasures—a sensory feast that would transcend the ordinary. He could vividly picture the expressions of his guests and the awe-inspiring reactions that the unveiling of these wines would elicit.

Christmas day finally arrived and with it the end of anticipation. The table was meticulously set, and the air crackled with excitement. As the wines changed hands among the guests, finding their place at the table next to the plates of the festive dishes, the room became saturated with the rich aromas of the wines. The celebration flourished from the shared joy of the guests. The clinking of glasses, and their sweet, crystalline sound, interwoven with the laughter of friends, composed the enchanting melody that underscored this beautiful, magical evening—A testament to Miles’ understanding that the most extraordinary moments are those we consciously create.

Happy Holidays to Everyone! Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!