Why we love Xinomavro

A few days ago, I was talking to a psychologist who told me:
All those whom we call “difficult,” people hard to communicate with in everyday life with mood swings, are usually borderline personalities close to the limit of mood disorder.
My eyes opened wide because I could think of many who would be placed under the label of “difficult.”
But, do not feel bad at all, the psychologist suggested, the interaction with such people is an essential factor in our development as individuals. These are the personalities that go and lead you ahead. We might like it easy and pleasant, but it gets nowhere. Listening to these words, Xinomavro, perhaps the most challenging variety of Greek vineyard, came to mind.

Read a description of the typical Xinomavro. You will have to convince yourself to try it and be eager to find it: Pale color that quickly turns brown. Intense nose, somewhat herbal than fruity in character; aromas dominating of sundried tomatoes. Dry and full of edges in the palate; sharp, rough tannins and high acidity.
Why then drink Xinomavro? Because it just gives some of the most fascinating, complex, and multi-layered wines in the world. Xinomavro always bursts of character and uniqueness and can be aged for decades. What else would you want from a great wine?
In a recent presentation in San Francisco, I said that Xinomavro is a “bitch” due not only to the style of the wine but also to its difficulty in terms of cultivation and vinification. Mea culpa! I should have thought I was on the U.S.’s west coast and described it as a “diva.” But mistakes do occur. A lady from the audience got up immediately. She demanded that I apologize to the ladies who were in the room. Although the other listeners and the ladies smiled at her claim, I did apologize.

The next time I visit San Francisco, I must remember to bring the lady the book «Why men love bitches» as a present.