Insider tips and recommendations for wine and food when going out in Athens.

As the number of on-premise establishments in Athens offering excellent wine continues to grow, some venues stand out for various compelling reasons. Finding yourself in the perfect spot can be a highly gratifying wine experience.

SAY, ILOVE WINE picks for your guide the best places in Athens to enjoy wine.

Heteroclito Cave & Bar à Vin

Heteroclito Bar à Vin stands as a timeless exemplar that has weathered the test of time. As one of Athens’ pioneering wine bars, it holds the distinction of being among the first establishments to embrace natural wines, thus setting the stage for a burgeoning trend.

The majority of wines on offer come from indigenous grape varieties, and the pricing remains notably fair and inexpensive. A monthly rotation of wines by the glass introduces exclusive choices from small, artisanal producers, ensuring a dynamic and diverse experience. The establishment also boasts a discerningly chosen assortment of French and Italian wines.

Navigating the menu may warrant seeking advice, given the presence of wines that may initially appear obscure. Delectable pairings with wines, like Greek cheeses, charcuterie, hummus, and other delightful (vegetarian) snacks, can satiate your appetite and provide an excellent chance to savor a perfect fusion of food and Greek wine.

Situated in one of central Athens’ liveliest neighborhoods, this enduring classic has solidified its status as a must-visit destination for those spending time in the city. Heteroclito Bar à Vin continues to enchant patrons with its commitment to quality, variety, and a welcoming ambiance.

heteroclito cave & bar à vin

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Gamay Wine bar

Upon entering Gamay, one is immediately struck by an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance, setting the stage for a refined and enjoyable experience. As you settle into the welcoming embrace of the bar, it becomes evident that the spotlight here belongs to wine.

Named after the red grape variety Gamay, the signature grape of the Beaujolais region, this recently inaugurated wine bar has swiftly become a cherished haven for Athenian wine enthusiasts. Nestled in a vibrant corner of the Exarchia neighborhood in central Athens, Gamay offers a laid-back and unpretentious approach to savoring wine.

Gamay proudly showcases an extensive wine list featuring a carefully curated selection of exceptional artisanal wines. The focus lies on low-intervention, organic, and biodynamic wines, with a diverse array spanning Greek and international options from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the New World.

The selection of wines by the glass undergoes a rotation regularly, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving experience for customers. During my second visit, I had a glass of the delightful zesty Xarello El Vinyerons Naturel ’22 from Penedes , leaving a lasting impression, and the rich, mineral Chenin Blanc from Domaine Belargus “Ronceray” ’20 from Loire.

A thoughtful menu of comfort food compliments the diverse wine offering. Costumers can choose from classic options like cheese or charcuterie or indulge in more intricate, umami-laden dishes, such as ciccheti with tarama (fish roe) spread, tuna tataki with lemon or crab salad puree with green apple and pecan.

At Gamay, reveling in the simplicity of a savory bite and a glass of exquisite wine is undeniably a gratifying experience.

gamay wine bar

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